Request for Open Record

How to Request a Record
Use the following steps to submit your request to obtain a record. Request Form

Step 1
Check with the Records Custodian or local Freedom of Information Officer to determine whether the information that you need is available. Please remember to be courteous and specific when requesting information so that the Records Custodian will be able to serve you better.

Step 2
You may be asked to submit your request for information in writing. The Records Custodian may have a prepared form for this purpose. Make sure your request is as specific as possible so that you request may be filled quickly and completely. The Records Custodian may ask detailed questions in order to fulfill your request accurately.

Step 3
Most records will be produced within three business days from the time the request is received. If the request is denied, you will receive a written explanation for the delay or denial.

Step 4
If you have any questions about your request, contact your local Freedom of Information officer.