Chanute Regional Development Authority

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The mission of the Chanute Regional Development Authority (CRDA) is to advance an environment that preserves, attracts and promotes business.

CRDA provides services for:
  • Site Selection Assistance- The CRDA assists in For Sale by Owner properties and works with local real estate agents to connect property buyers with appropriate sites.
  • Workforce Development- The CRDA works directly with local educational institutions and organizations to provide training and employment services.
  • Existing Business Retention & Expansion- The CRDA manages the Neighborhood Revitalization Program and Revolving Loan Fund, which can provide funding and/or tax rebates for qualified projects that are approved by the City Commission. 
  • Business Incentives -The CRDA works with the City of Chanute, Neosho County and the State of Kansas to offer incentives based on economic impact.
  • New Business Recruitment- The CRDA actively recruits businesses; both regionally and nationally.
  • Revolving Loan Fund- The CRDA works with multiple Revolving Loan Funds in Neosho County and Southeast Kansas for the purpose of making available loans to private firms.
  • Research & Demographics- The CRDA actively works on feasibility and research when necessary.
  • Community Support- The CRDA works hand in hand with local community organizations to make a positive impact on the community.

Neighborhood Revitalization Program
*Neighborhood Revitalization Ordinance and Plan
*Neighborhood Revitalization Application
Our database of available sites and buildings can be found on

The City of Chanute has developed a very impressive broadband network with a Gigabit fiber network, a Wi-Fi network, WiMax network and two MPLS networks reaching outside the city limits. All services that can assist existing and new businesses in our community.

We are also proud of our many local businesses and major employers. We welcome new businesses that fit well within our community.

The Chanute Regional Development Authority works in collaboration with the City of Chanute, the Chanute Chamber of Commerce, and Main Street Chanute in its efforts.

Board Members

Dr. Kellen Adams (Chairperson)
Ken LickTeig (Vice Chair)
Brenda Krum (Secretary-Treasurer)

Chad Boaz
Anita Cooper
Jaime Costin
Ron Flowers
Denise Hastings
Mandy Lantz
Darin Lueberring
Steve Parsons
Garrett Sharp
Shelli Sheerer

Todd Newman - City of Chanute, Ex-officio
Phil Jarred, Jarred, Gilmore & Phillips PA-Ex-officio
Jane Brophy, Chamber of Commerce, Ex-officio
Martha McCoy, Main Street Chanute, Ex-officio
Kurt Kluin / PJ Kluin - Legal Counsel