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About Our Fiber Network

Chanute operates a multihomed autonomous network (ASN 36069) peered through fiber connections with two national Tier 1 Internet Access Providers (Lumen and Cox Communications). Connectivity to existing AT&T fiber is also available. These fiber connections are capable of delivering multi-Gigabit bandwidth to network participants. The City has its own direct allocation of both IPv4 and IPv6 address space reassignable to network participants.

Also peered with the state-wide Kan-Ed education network, Chanute is a Kan-Ed Authorized Provider (KAP) and provides Kan-Ed eligible entities access to Internet-2 and the resources of the state-wide network.

For redundancy and even greater network reliability, the City has distributed its core network routers and operates a 10 Gigabit Metro Ethernet Loop between the hardened core facilities.

Chanute has developed hardened colocation facilities to provide Gigabit fiber connectivity and equipment space within the community for entities to achieve ultra-high-speed access to the global network from Chanute. These spaces are ideal for disaster recovery and remote backup facilities. The secured spaces are supported with local, onsite power generation and remotely accessible video surveillance equipment.

We currently have over 45 miles of fiber in our network, and connected to a Tier 1 internet provider named Level 3 at their POP near Chanute at Gigabit per second speed. 

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