MPLS Network

About the MPLS Network (Network Map)

Chanute also offers access to a global MPLS network that already connects to remote locations in 26 other communities. These aggregated services are delivered through the City's secure, hardened network head-end facilities. Through the MPLS network, Chanute has the capability to create private networks to support the needs of its businesses. If a business is considering locating to Chanute, we have the ability for them to securely connect to to our fiber ring and then to their other locations using the MPLS technology.

We currently have a financial institution, Community National Bank, headquartered in Chanute that connects all of their branch offices, their data center and their offsite back up location on this secured network. In addition to using it to transmit data, they also use the network for VoIP phone service, video conferencing and several other innovative purposes. For example with their VoIP phone, they can now video conference right from their desktop phones to other employees across the banks network. Also the managers from the outlying branches can electronically attend board or loan committee meetings rather than driving to a central location. This save the bank both employee time and the cost of fuel by the not needing to travel.

Chanute also connects the Spirit AeroSystems facility within our community to their headquarters in Wichita. Spirit uses the network to share electronic production work orders and large drawing files right to specific stations within their facility in addition to using it for VoIP for their phone calls rather than traditional land lines. With VoIP all of their calls to Wichita are now local calls and not long distance.