Full Service Utilities and Work Class Infrastructure


The City of Chanute is a full service city, and one of only a handful in Kansas. We own our own electric system, natural gas, water, waste water, refuse including landfill and collection plus we operate an ultra-high speed broadband network.

The Electric Utility

The City of Chanute has operated an electric utility for over a century. It was the gas utility earnings, retained over 100 years, which funded the electric utility. This electric utility was formed because local private providers were going in and out of business and the community wanted a long-term reliable supply. We currently serve over 5,500 customers, which include residential, commercial, and industrial in Chanute and in an approximate three-mile radius. In addition to the distribution system, we have our own power generation capabilities. We have excess generation capacity and a 

**The Electric Utility was one of 29 utilities that earned the Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3)1 designation from the American Public Power Association (APPA) in 2016 for providing reliable and safe electric service.  To learn more about the RP3 designation, click here.

The Natural Gas Utility

The natural gas utility was actually the first city owned utility of Chanute and is one of the largest municipal providers in the state. We are connected to the Southern Star Central pipeline and have two border stations for flow of natural gas from the field to the city gates. We provide service to over 4,200 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Chanute including the city-owned electric generation facilities. Our natural gas purchase contract is with an organization called MuniGas and we purchase fuel at a discount off of market price making us very competitive on supply costs.
**The Gas Utility was one of 11 System Operational Achievement Recognition (SOAR) recipients nationally recognized at the American Public Gas Association (APGA) Annual Meeting in 2016 for excellence in operating its natural gas utility ** To learn more about the SOAR Program, click here.

Community Broadband

The City of Chanute, Kansas has built a community owned broadband network for the benefit of the community. We began our network in 1984 in order to support our electric utility operations. We feel that true ultra-high speed broadband is just as important in today’s information society as electricity was over 100 years ago and believe it will be the cornerstone for future economic growth for Chanute. We have a Gigabit fiber network, a Wi-Fi network, and a WiMax network. In addition we operate two MPLS networks which reach to their facilities outside of our city limits into other communities.

The Water Utility

The water utility manages the city’s distribution system, water towers, and treatment works. There are 11 full-time employees in this utility and two seasonal or part time. Typical tasks performed include repairing leaks, replacing and flushing lines, along with operation and maintenance of the treatment plant. 

**The  Water Utility ranked third in the State of Kansas for the 2016 Taste Test contest.  Click here to see the newsletter**

The Wastewater Utility

The wastewater utility manages the city’s collection system and treatment works. There are nine full-time employees in this utility and two seasonal or part time. Typical tasks performed include cleaning and video inspection of sewer lines, maintaining lift stations, along with operation and maintenance of the treatment plant.


Trash collection is responsible for the collection of solid waste within the city. Residential customers receive service once a week, while commercial and industrial customers receive service as requested. Two three-man crews pick up over 175 cubic-yards of trash on an average day.

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