Chanute Housing Authority

Housing Authority for the City of Chanute

Who Are We: 

The Chanute Housing Authority operates under the umbrella of the City of Chanute, providing affordable housing options for income eligible individuals and families wishing to live in Chanute Kansas.

What Do We Offer:

Chanute Housing Authority's mission is to increase the availability of decent, safe, affordable housing in the Chanute community. We ensure equal opportunity in housing through the efforts of a professional, caring, and responsive staff and Board of Directors. We offer the following rental assistance programs for income eligible individuals and families.

  • Housing Choice Voucher - This program offers flexibility for a program participant to work with any landlord of their choice provided the rental passes an inspection compliant with the Housing Quality Standards (HQS) as established by the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). A voucher holder may move anywhere within the United States and enjoy the benefits of the voucher rental assistance, provided there is a Housing Choice Voucher program in the area they are wishing to move to. Participants rent is calculated at 30% of net household income.
  • Public Housing - This program offers a program participant the opportunity to occupy properties owned and maintained by the Housing Authority with rent based on 30% of adjusted household income.
  • Resident Programming - We offer residents the opportunity to participate in programs ranging from resident councils to family self-sufficiency.

Contact Information:

Mikki Herrera, Director
818 S. Santa Fe Suite C
Chanute, KS. 66720

(620) 431-7320

HUD Kansas City
400 State Ave #200, Kansas City, KS 66101
Phone: (913) 551-5462

Links to other information: U.S. Dept of Housing and Urban Development

Additional Documents: 
Income Guidelines
Housing Brochure
Section 8 Voucher Program

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