The water utility manages the city’s distribution system, water towers, and treatment works. There are 11 full-time employees in this utility and two seasonal or part time. Typical tasks performed include repairing leaks, replacing and flushing lines, along with operation and maintenance of the treatment plant. 

**The Water Utility ranked third in the State of Kansas for the 2016 Taste Test contest.  Click here to see the newsletter**


Distribution & Treatment

Water distribution and treatment has been a part of the Chanute’s history since 1894. In 2012, a valve dated 1922, was found during a leak repair. That valve is still working and in use. The current treatment plant was put online in 1951, and updated in 1970. A previous plant can be seen off of Highway 39 at the East River Bridge.

Facts on Water Leaks

Herd of Goats Helps to Maintain City Property