1. Airport

    Learn about the services provided by the airport.

  2. Animal Control

    View the services and programs available for animal protection and education.

  3. Aquatic Center

  4. Auditorium

    Check out the shows and touring artists that are coming to the Chanute Memorial Auditorium.

  5. Cemetery

    View the responsibilities of the Cemetery Department.

  6. Chanute Fiber

  7. City Clerk

    Learn about the duties and services provided by the city clerk.

  8. City Manager's Office

    Find responsibilities of the City Manager.

  9. Community Development

    Research the various ways that the City of Chanute can help you develop your area of the city.

  10. Finance & Information

    The Finance Department is responsible for overall financial, record-keeping, and technology administration and stewardship for the city. We provide comprehensive leadership and collaboration with citizens and other departments for the benefit of the whole community.

  11. Fire

  12. Golf Course

    Discover the Stone Creek Golf Course that awaits you in Chanute.

  13. Human Resources

    Learn about the Human Resources department.

  14. Municipal Court

    Learn about the court, its policy, and how to contact the city attorney for assistance.

  15. Parks

    Locate parks in Chanute and view their amenities.

  16. Police

  17. Streets

  18. Utilities

    Learn about the public utilities provided by Chanute, such as broadband/fiber optics, electric, gas, and water and wastewater.

  19. Utility Office

    The City of Chanute provides electric, water, gas, sewer, and trash services.