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Tianna Hughes

Reception will be held on February 4th from 1pm - 3pm

Hughes, now a resident of Kansas City, Missouri, grew up in Chanute, studying under Chanute art educators Bob Cross and Rick Bushnell.

Hughes says she became interested in art while in kindergarten when she was “snooping” around her oldest sister’s room, where she “stumbled across” the sister’s sketchbook.  She maintained her interest in the visual arts throughout junior high and high school.  Today she works from her home studio.  The media in which she works include charcoal, watercolor, and acrylic.

The focus of her charcoal and watercolor is human subjects.  Of these works, she says that she uses “a simplistic, minimalist approach, allowing the chaos to be [the] center rather than [the] background.”  On the other hand, she says of her acrylic abstract work:  “I feel more at liberty to explore the canvas.  The colors are indicative of my mood, environment, and self-reflection.”

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