City Manager's Office

Introduction to Jeff

Jeff’s experience in the field of Public Administration stems from his previous work with other municipalities; spanning a period of over twenty years. The last decade of his career has been dedicated to advanced roles in executive leadership and other elements of professional and academic development that are geared to the successful operation of full-service cities. Many of these experiences occurred during a critical period of turbulent market conditions that required complex solutions to unconventional issues. Jeff attributes many of his successes to the collaborative efforts of his dedicated staff, elected officials and other community minded volunteers.

As City Manager, Jeff serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the City and is charged with the responsibility of supervision, coordination, and administration of the City, pursuant to Kansas Statute and local ordinance.

The Manager supervises all daily activities of the city and reviews, as well as oversees, departmental operations to insure the city operates in a businesslike manner. The following services are provided by the City of Chanute:


The City Manager’s Office includes: